Virtual Reality at Virtual Medicine Paxelis


Paxelis is a medicine for the treatment of acute pain, from Grünenthal laboratories in Lima, Peru.

When medical visitors arrived at clinics to present a new drug, they often encounter the problem that doctors cannot give them much time of their attention, at most about 3 minutes, a very short time to explain the benefits of a product and convince the doctor of the advantages for their patients.

IMX in collaboration with our audiovisual division Mamut Films, a 360-degree video was made, created in 3D, which explained the problems of patients with chronic pain and the mechanism of action of the drug. The doctor could witness it from inside the human body, in a totally immersive and novel way. A Portable Virtual Reality system was implemented on Oculus and Samsung Gear VR headsets and medical visitors were trained to operate it.

Customer request :

Launch of its new and innovative analgesic Paxelis, the Grünenthal laboratory, asked us (through the Agency Vistacom) to make a highly innovative video and also present it in a unique way, which will capture the attention of doctors immediately.


The doctors spontaneously extended the time they spent with Grünenthal’s visitors to almost 10 minutes, requesting to repeat the experience and perfectly assimilating the message transmitted, about the benefits and mechanism of the product.