JBP Peru Virtual Event

Kimberly Clark Peru

We held the JOINT BUSINESS PLAN TRADITIONAL event in which the sales and marketing areas of Kimberly Clark Bolivia came together to present the plans of the year to the most important distributors in the country.

Due to the pandemic, we held a virtual event. In a zoom webinar room, guests from different provinces of Peru were connected at the same time that they received a welcome kit with merchandising and a catering box to their homes or workplaces.

In addition, to give interactivity to the event we held a trivia contest in which attendees could participate live.

Customer request :

 Detect and align opportunities to focus efforts on our action plans for 2021. Review of results 2020, vision 2021 and business plans by category. Definition of key actions to work on in each of the categories, to jointly elaborate the growth plan and goals for 2021.


It was possible to capture the attention and participation of the attendees through trivia and interactive dynamics focused on the action plans for 2021.