Brave Listerine Detector


A complete solution was designed, from the production of the interactive module in the shape of a Listerine bottle, to the programming of the custom software, through the training of the promoters. It was implemented in supermarkets in several districts of Lima.

The participant answered in a time limit to a test with fun questions associated with the commercial that was broadcast on television and based on his answers and a touch scanner he was assigned a challenge in which he had to pose in different postures and with different situations as background.

As a result, the machine detected the participant’s type of bravery and recommended an appropriate Listerine product for him. In addition, a Chroma-GIF animation was generated in real time in which the participant was seen facing the proposed challenge, which could be shared by email or on social networks.

Customer request :

As part of its «Get the Best» campaign, Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine brand asked us for a Branding action to make the product known to potential customers who had never used it and get entry to those consumers.


It was possible to increase sales by 82% during activations.